DonationCoin (DON)

DonationCoin Coin History

Donationcoin has been created to enable people worldwide to help fellow human beings to live a better life.

Donationcoin is a new digital currency specifically branded for use in giving, sharing, charitable donations and for the underdog.

The brainchild of cross media digital entrepreneurs Spencer Lievens & Muiz Rana, the Donationcoin tagline is a play on the UK Organ Donor card updated to "I Would Like To Help Someone To Live Whilst I Am Alive".

Donationcoin: The Official Cryptocurrency of Leading International Charities.

Coin Features

  • Name - DonationCoin
  • Ticker Code - DON
  • Algorithm - Scrypt (PoW)
  • Total Coins - 90,000,000
  • PHalving: 720,000 blocks
  • Premine: 20 %
  • Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks