granite (GRN)

granite Coin History

This is a takeover of the coin - NOT a restart ... a revival if you will ... So for those that recognize GRN - it is still the same coin but 'under new management' ...

While it is still the same coin that many have grown to appreciate - it is the backend and wallet that we want to re-stabalize and the trading of GRN as a 'currency' as the aim so far ...

The re-development and continuous growth of GRN will come in time ...

It is a simple coin - POW only - and is a perfect candidate for hardcore miners ...

granite is a crypto-currency that is using the X11 Algorithm for energy efficient, CPU and GPU mining utilizing Digishield block difficulty retargeting.

Coin Features

  • Name - granite
  • Ticker Code - GRN
  • Algorithm - X11
  • Total Coins - 65,000,000
  • Initial Block Value - 100
  • Block Time - 120 seconds
  • Difficulty ReTargeting - DigiShield
  • Block Confirmations - 120
  • Ports : Main 21777 | RPC 21776
  • Block Halving Every 262800 Blocks

Download granite Wallet

Coming Soon.

Hash: de2cfe99977458e1e22b4eacbd282d88095d711d7c18132c5fdc4c975709ac45
Verify: shasum -a 256 granite-qt-osx-1300.dmg

Hash: adaf05669cd8b7e514f2dbf6076488806aaa1a9cd362355497951ca4df3a6809
Verify: certUtil -hashfile granite-qt-win32-1300.exe SHA256