SweepStakeCoin (SWEEP)

SweepStakeCoin Coin History

SweepStakeCoin is a JHA algorithm based coin with a 5% premine, using a PoW+PoS Hybrid backend (Proof Of Work/Proof Of Stake). Mining with CPU/GPU, is supported and encouraged. Acquired and part of the CWI-EcoSystem means that SweepStakeCoin has unprecedented access to an infrastructure unlike any other in the Crypto Industry.

It also means the Sweep Project has access to theTEAM - theGRID - theFARM and most of the other faculties (or 'CWI-Modules') that have been developed and are being developed within the CWI-EcoSystem.

There are no external or third parties involved in the running or development of our backend Infrastructure or Systems, making ChainWorks Industries (CWI) a self sufficient, and self proficient company to support this amazing project, and it's sister projects.

Our aim, as we grow and develop, is to utilize ChainWorks Industries (CWI) as being the backbone for the support and integration of the services being developed for use across the blockchain industry, with SweepStakeCoin being one of the Core Projects brought to market.

Coin Features

  • Name - SweepStakeCoin
  • Ticker Code - SWEEP
  • Algorithm - JHA
  • Total Coins - 2,000,000,000
  • Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid
  • Wallet Confirmations: 3 Confirmations
  • Network Confirmations: 50 Confirmations
  • Initial Block Value - 100
  • Block Time - 60 seconds
  • Current Block Reward: 857 SWEEP

Download SweepStakeCoin Wallet

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Hash: e5d4a0ffa7b2df4fdfa6a278cbb43eea9dc853d9ab67df49b7b3b3eebe6e2207
Verify: certUtil -hashfile sweepstakecoin-qt-win32-1300.exe SHA256