Droidz (DRZ)

Droidz Coin History

Complete details of the project will be updated soon, this is the continuation but with a restart ...

we will work towards better code, better functionality, better use...

The re-development and continuous growth of GRN will come in time ...

the project is now under the cwi-ecosystem - and as such - will be supported and developed as we move forward ....

So many people think that we overlook all this, just because we 'have' the coin in our project list. We are just as crapped up about these issues as everyone else, and will remove the old codebase that causes this. Masternodes are up in the air with this also. PoS works just as efficiently, without the setup headaches as well.

Coin Features

  • Name - Droidz
  • Ticker Code - DRZ
  • Type: Proof of Work - Proof Of Stake Hybrid
  • Total Coins - 12,000,000
  • Algorithm: QuBit
  • PoS: 5%
  • PoS block start: 31500
  • Maturity: 110 blocks

Download Droidz Wallet

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.